Knocking on Homecoming’s Door.

Because homecoming is so close (for some of you it has already passed), I decided to pick a few outfits which I’ll also comment.

Mind you, if you’re here searching for long fairy-tale princess dresses and ideas, I suggest you look somewhere else. I only choose that option if it’s out of the ordinary and has something really special. Otherwise, I prefer: short. sexy. cocktail dresses. simple. extravagant. šŸ™‚

Number one, also named as “Little Black Dress”

Beautiful and Wild by PixieBob

I chose the black dress because even though it appears simple it has some sort of elegance to it that is appealing to the eye. It’s also madly sexy, yet not vulgar. It accentuates your waist line and your breasts in a very feminine way.

The shoes and the bag were mostly chosen for their colour and because they are in tone with the elegance the black dress conveys.

The jewlery had to be black. Too much purple can damage the eye. It also had to be elegant, so I chose onyx for the whole set. I suggest, if you choose to wear the ring, not to pick a bracelet as well. It tends to get too crowdy and so, somewhat unpleasing.

The scarf was chosen because it covers the shoulders quite nicely. It’s also a bit cold outside, almost everywhere around the globe, and I couldn’t find a jacket to rise up to my expectations in this situation. However, the scarf may be too little, but you can always ask for a cute guy’s jacket if you get too cold. Especially in such an outfit. šŸ˜‰

2. Green and Sexy

Shiny green by PixieBob

For the second outfit I chose a pretty Turquoise/Green dress that, being as simple as it is, draws it’s attention to it thanks to the accessories picked. I also chose a black elegant jacket, long enough to cover the dress, so you won’t be cold.

The jewlery has to be somewhat sophisticated and elegant, but not too out of the line. Also, because the dress covers the neck, there is no need for a necklace. Moreover, due to the fact that the bracelet I chose is very flashy, I wouldn’t pick a ring to go with it, because we may risk looking oversparkly.

3. Gray Beauty

Untitled by PixieBob

Gray and gold are so very in this season. That made me choose a gray and black dress, very sophisticated and elegant in the same time. To fit the tone, i chose gray, elegant accessories. To keep you from freezing, I decided on a short blouse-jacket sort of covering and a cap that makes you look absolutely adorable.

The jewlery had to be gold, and if the party is during the night, you ought to drop the sunglasses.


~ by fashionpixiebob on November 27, 2008.

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